Modelur for parametric urban design v0.5.7-R2

Modelur is a ground breaking 3D application that is specifically developed for making parametric urban design planning simple. It can be used as a plug-in for Trimble SketchUp. Modelur can save your significant times with regard to other leading CAD tools. Modelur makes calculation of urban control values instantly and makes it possible to accelerate design process as well as minimize the possibilities of errors.

In order to utilize modelur, sketchup is required. Besides, one has to download and install Modelur. Modelur is now compatible with the similar operation systems like SketchUp – Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X.

Presently Modelur is undergoing, alpha phase of development. It will be available for commercial application, once the beta testing phase is completed. One can take part in the free PRE-BETA partner programme, to get the scope for testing before being released to public.

Modelur provides the following benefits :-

  • fast design of built environment
  • swift response to changed conditions of planned site
  • automatic modification of built environment
  • rapid formation of diverse variants of urban design solution
  • circumventing errors occurred due to incorrect building articulation
  • constant supervision of accomplished urban control values

Click on the following link to download Modelur Plugins

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How to produce realistic rendering of any sketchup model with ArielVisison

This sketchup video shows the detailed process for creating realistic rendered images of any Sketchup model with the application of Arielvision.

ArielVision is a photorealistic rendering extension that supports Trimble SketchUp 2016 or earlier versions.

ArielVision uses a superior quality rendering engine, and integrates a well-organized and user-friendly interface that offers necessary rendering features.

ArielVision applies sun, sky, shadows, lights, transparency and reflections to produce Photorealistic renderings from SketchUp models.

The plugin contains the following features :-

Lights and Illumination

Reflective Materials

Background Images

Realistic glass materials

Top quality, PhotoRealistic Rendering Engine

Obtain superior quality rendering with a single mouse click and various preset options.

Fully integrated with SketchUp, Make or Professional. (Windows only)

Reflection and transparency controls for realistic rendering of materials.

Direct and indirect lighting from natural and artificial sources.

HDRI skies and backgrounds offer context for your model.

Get full interior scenes supported with custom lamps, ceiling lights and more.

Self glow: Put realism to special objects like televisions and lighted signs.

Physically-based ray-cast lighting produces realistic results in daytime or night-time scenes.

Unlimited rendering resolution: render any image at any size.

Click on the following link to download a 30-days free trial version

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One day sketchup class for the interior designer, architect, builder, set designer, designer

A one-day beginner class will be conducted on 28th January from 9:30AM – 5:00PM with a one-hour recess for lunch. The class will be held at 50 Harrison St. Hoboken, NJ. The class will provide practical training as well as necessary information and tools which are very useful to improve your capability for designing independently.

The class is specifically designed for the interior designer, architect, builder, set designer, designer or a decorator to express their ideas more confidently.

The class size is restricted for 6 students.

The class will provide discussion on the following topics :-

– Convert 3D shapes into real world objects

– The effectiveness of rectangle tool as compared to generating squares

– The usefulness of the Push Pull Tool

– The Line Tool and following an axis

– Inferencing and how to settle If required

– Scaling your objects

– Knowledge on the variation among a component and a group

– Various application of The Follow Me Tool & how it saves significant times

– The importance of Option Key

– Process for using textures, produce and light a scene

– Arrangement for camera angles

– Importing furniture through Google Warehouse

– Arranging objects in your model with Layers

– Inserting dimensions to plan, elevation and Isometric views

Requirements for the class:

– Personal laptop with power cord

– The most updated version of SketchUp Pro or Make

– Basic 3 button scroll wheel mouse

In order to get more information, call Ken directly at 201-218-0413 or email

One day sketchup class for the interior designer

Book your seat online

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Demo of SubD sketchup plugin

This sketchup video is based on SubD. It is an organic modeling plugin as well as a parametric subdivision extension that can be utilized for generating wonderful organic models and quad-supported workflow.

The plugin is developed by Thomas Thomassen. It supports sketchup versions like SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017.

There are various free tools like QuadFace Tools which can produce meshes containing quad-topology and subdivide and crease with SUbD.

Some useful features of the plugin:

1. Choose a group or component that includes only faces.

2. Toggle Subdivision on or off.

The smoothness will be modified if the number of smoothing iterations is raised or reduced.

Toggle subdivision off to come back to the control-mesh when it is necessary to edit the geometry.

Produce creases in the subdivided mesh to make the shape perfect devoid of adding additional control loops in the control mesh.

Click the following link to download the plugin

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An exclusive tutorial on Soft, Smooth and Hidden Edges in Sketchup

Aaron Dietzen, sales engineer at Trimble Sketchup, presents an exclusive sketchup video that briefly explains the differences between soft, smooth and hidden edges in Sketchup as well as how to manage them. These are the most useful properties of sketchup. This sketchup tutorial is based on 3d chessboard model. This is a part of sketchup skill builder series to model efficiently and quickly. The video will also explain how to find a solution if a line is hidden or softened.

The Soften Edges feature can be applied, together with the smooth/edge property, to modify the visibleness of the edges and transform the model to become more convincing with less geometry. It will enhance the performance of the computer.

While trying to soften an edge, the edge is hidden, and the faces that the edge bounds turns to be a surface entity.

Smooth: While smoothing an edge, it includes shading to create a smooth appearance of the faces. But, If the smooth property is applied individually, the edge stays apparent.

Hide : An edge can also be hidden (or any geometry, the hidden property isn’t separated from edges). For a hidden edge, the edge is not evident, but any faces connecting the edge are not converted into a surface entity.

It is suggested to apply the eraser tool to instantly smooth and soften the edges. Open the Soften Edges dialog box, if more modifications are required.

Go through the following useful article, to gather more information.

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How to use CleanUp sketchup extension to decrease the weight of a sketchup project

Robson Jacobsen, Chief Executive Officer at Jacobsen3D, presents this useful sketchup video that demonstrates how to use CleanUp sketchup extension to lessen the weight of a sketchup project.

The most updated version of CleanUp is CleanUp³ that can be used to clean up and make optimal use of your SketchUp model. Thomas Thomassen had developed this exclusive sketchup plugin and it is compatible with SketchUp 7, SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017.

Click on the following link to download the plugin

If you want to download the model, go through the following link

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Learn to produce Neon effect efficiently with V-ray for Sketchup

In this tutorial v-ray for sketchup users will be familiar with an useful method for applying a neon effect in v-ray for sketchup.

By watching this video, one will learn how to perfectly arrange the materials, lights as well as some render settings to make the rendering process smarter with v-ray.

This tutorial will help you to produce self-illuminated material that is ideal for developing objects like: light ball, light tube, light shade, stylish lighting, cold light and lit screen.

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How to design a Folding Vertical Drawer in Sketchup

In this interesting session of learning (DIY) we are going to provide a detailed theoretical and practical demonstration on how to build a folding vertical drawer.

This video tutorial is brought to you by the channel named I Build It. The contributor of this channel especially in this video has nicely demonstrated about the woodworking sections step by step with no steps skipped.

For those sketchup users who are associated with woodworking projects; this video will be very beneficial to them for sure.

Software used in this tutorial:

The tutor of this video has used Sketchup version 8 and normally used more custom shortcut keys during the drawing (like “G” to make the selection a group and so forth).

For more interesting woodworking videos visit the tutor’s website (

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Sketchup Course 2017 Lecture By Ailton Brito

We are going to feature an exclusive session on sketchup lecture which is proudly presented by the Brazillian Sketchup Instructor Ailto Brito.

This lecture is mainly designed and developed with a view to provide an ultimate walkthrough on sketchup irrespective of whether the user is beginner or an expert.

Basically this lecture is delivered on the basis of 3D models. The instructor has delivered a quality guideline on sketchup in this awesome tutorial.

You can catch up with the instructor (Ailto Brito) by following his amazing and content-rich youtube channel. Hit the subscribe button for more interactive lectures and tutorials provided by his channel (

Lesson Theme is only available in the full course version.

You can also visit the following website to get full course information from February 2017.

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Useful Sketchup Tip For Tiurning A Sofa Photo into a 3D Model

In this session, we will feature an exclusive sketchup tip on turning a sofa photo into a 3d model by the assistance of sketchup.

Making a static thing into a 3D model is really an art. And this sketchup tip will help you to learn this art so easily.

This exclusive tutorial is brought to you by the Samphoas Channel ( Don’t forget to subscribe the channel and share it with your friends.

The detailed sketchup tip is demonstrated below:

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