How to Configure Image Sampler in Vray for Sketchup 3.4

The latest version of V-Ray for SketchUp is version 3.4. This sketchup v-ray video presented by MasterTuts will focus on how to resolve the issues found in the modes of Image Sampler applied in V-Ray 3.4.

In V-Ray, an image sampler stands for an algorithm for sampling colors and generating the final array of pixels which develop the rendered image. There are two leading image samplers which offer their own style to sampling and its own parameters. The finest choice of image sampler differs in relation to scene elements, the level of detail in textures, and several other factors.

The choice of an image sampler and its settings considerably influences the balance of quality vs. speed for a rendering. The perfect method to select the exact image sampler for a scene is to know the process of functioning as well as their strengths and restrictions. The settings on the Image sampler (Antialiasing) deployment for V-Ray Adv define the type of image sampler required for rendering with V-ray, and deliver basic settings for all image sampling. The settings for V-Ray RT are restricted as the Real Time engine functions sequentially to render the image.

Go through the following informative article to learn more, Choosing the Best Image Sampler for the Situation

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