How to convert sketchup scenes into layout viewports

Sketchup is applied to make scenes and styles to arrange a model to proper layout. In this exclusive sketchup video tutorial, you will learn how to utilize those scenes to generate viewports in layout as well as align your model efficiently among scenes.

With layout, it becomes easier to accomplish all the view-related tasks (styles, viewpoints, section planes, scenes, layers etc. from inside LayOut and to apply SketchUp primarily for the “raw” modeling.

There is another useful command like center scene inside viewport to simplify the task.

As soon as you get the scenes in your model set, inside Layout go to File>Insert and navigate to your sketchup file in the browser. Click on your blank paper in Layout and a new viewport will be seen. It is possible to modify the viewport to your scene by right clicking on the new viewport and scroll through to the scenes in the menu.

To learn the detail process, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source SketchUp

How to convert sketchup scenes into layout viewports

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