Live Components in SketchUp 2021

SketchUp 2021 is out fresh this year, and we have already covered its basics. Now we are discussing each of the new features of the immensely popular software in detail; today, we talk about the live components in SketchUp 2021. It is an exciting new feature with seemingly an unending amount of possibilities in future!

What are live components in SketchUp 2021?

Live Components are SketchUp’s answer to parametric modeling and more. When you want objects that change depending on data, there comes Live Components. Using these, your model will be more flexible and your design will be more agile. 

Simply put, live components are ready-made configurable objects found in the 3D Warehouse. You can adjust various properties of a live component either in the Warehouse or in your model in SketchUp 2021. 

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Arka Roy

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