Tech-savvy Office of Grammarly Using Sketchup

Grammarly is a worldwide company. This company is situated in San Francisco, New York, and Kyiv. This company works 24*7 hours. This company work as a digital writing assistant across the world. Grammarly uses a plethora of IT devices and also uses and exchanges a high level of communication and data exchange.

The Grammarly Company grew over the years. So, this company needed a larger space for accommodation of all the employees. Grammarly required a huge number of open spaces for various activities.

  1. A conference hall with a capacity of 150 people. 
  2. The reception zones 
  3. Restroom areas for employees. 
  4. Different lounge zones 
  5. Nap rooms 
  6. Canteen facilities for employees 
  7. Soundproof recreation room 
  8. Multiple meeting rooms with the facility of audio and video technology. 

Leading architecture firm named balbek bureau designed the new office of Grammarly. This office is located in Kyiv in Ukraine. It has 150 employees. So, the architecture firm developed only one type of design by fulfilling the entire requirement. After that the clients from Grammarly saw the design and requested some changes. The architecture firm changed the design where needed but otherwise they did not create a range of design solutions.

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Arka Roy

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