What Do People Say About Sketchup

SketchUp is the most popular 3D-based modeling and design tool in the world. Trimble Inc is the owner of SketchUp software.

Review No. 1

Luis H. V is a Cyber Security Product Engineer. He owns a company that currently has 50 employees.

What he likes

1. According to him “Sketchup Free version for PC water-cooling designers” is the most likable thing in SketchUp. He said that SketchUp helped him to see that when the pc water cooling project completed, how it would look like.

2. He shared plans with his friends. He was also able to download more shapes to complete the specific projects. Anyone can easily learn how to use SketchUp. so it helped him a lot to choose components for a better combination.

What he dislikes

He also said that he disliked that SketchUp now offers a very expensive annual subscription. Beginners could not access it due to its cost.

Solved problem through SketchUp

He completed the project about putting a custom water cooling system inside the PC and how the 3D printing uses the community shapes from forums and search on the web.

Review No. 2

Denise A is an Architect, GP BIM, Researcher, and Teacher. She also has a small business. More than 50 people work in this company.

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