Maxwell Rendering 4.1 for Smoother 3D Rendering

Now, 3D rendering is faster, easier and simpler with the Maxwell Rendering 4.1 version. With so many user-friendly options, it allows you to freely input your creativity and make your rendering the best one. The features offered by this new version are way ahead of the time. Whatever problems you have faced with the earlier version are completely eliminated on this platform. This high-end rendering tool does more than magic for the visualization software, and it definitely takes the artists and designer to a ride eight times smoother than they generally expect. Till now, the primary issue associated with the rendering tool is excessive rendering time. The new version promises to offer you an application where you can really enjoy your freedom having a complete control on designs. Let’s discuss in brief how the application helps designers.

Denoiser: Denoiser is a great tool that fades the noises of your designs and makes them crystal clear. The process reduces the time taken for erasing the noises. Denoiser is a powerful feature that understands your design and keeps the length and geometry details the same. Previously, you needed to render the image to a high sampling level. Now, it spins completely. Denoiser gives you the high-resolution images by keeping them low in size. This amazing feature is truly a revolutionary one.

GPU – Optimized handling memory: GPU helps in memory handling faster with a modern technique. If rendering process is cancelled because of having no sufficient memory, then Maxwell tiles the render and initiates the rendering process. This new version will allow you to render bigger images and scenes on the same GPU memory.

Maxwell Multilight 2 App:

A single render seems enough to your innumerable lighting variations and images added to the designs. It counts benefits more than you expect. The benefits are given below:

• Add light variations from your MXI files.
• Tone mapping and camera response features are also available.
• Setup lighting scenes as per your wish.
• A smart editing option is available that allows you to edit light before and after render.
• Prepare a lighting catalogue for your reference and clients’ needs

New Materials – Materials are available in huge quantity to guide you in designing process. These are selected attentively to help designers give the best result. The features are given below:

• Merl database material: 100 lab measured materials containing reflectance functions are collected in the segment. They are stored as the BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Functions).

• X-RiteAxF Materials: Appearance Exchange Format (AxF) files enhance the work on the visualization software. These materials have been used to store, transfer and digital materials of TAC Ecosystem.

Light panels: As the name says, it adds a dramatic touch to the design with offering an intense play of lights. You can modify and add lights as per your style.

Maxwell 4.1 version comes up with different features and functions that are way ahead of its other contemporaries. It offers an ultimate rendering option where difficult tasks become easier.



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